AP Exit Polls: Trump, Rubio Overwhelmingly Win Cuban-American Vote

Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Verbatim from the AP's exit polls analysis in Florida:

"There was a significant divide between Cuban voters and non-Cuban Hispanics in Florida, the state with the nation's third-largest Hispanic population. Trump led with Cuban voters, but more almost three-quarters of non-Cuban Hispanics preferred Clinton. Trump's anti-immigration rhetoric has turned off many Hispanics, but Trump appealed to Cuban voters in September by saying he would reverse the deal Democratic President Barack Obama made with Cuba to reopen diplomatic relations - unless Cuba expands political freedoms."

As for Senator Marco Rubio:

"Rubio was the overwhelming favorite of white voters, while 4 in every 5 African-American voters preferred Murphy. The candidates split the Hispanic vote, although two-thirds of Cubans preferred Rubio, whose parents are from Cuba."

In other words, Rubio got over 67% of the Cuban-American vote.

Considering how exit polls undercount early and absentee ballots, it means Rubio easily received more than 70% of the Cuban-American vote.