Statement on the Passing of Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro

Saturday, November 26, 2016
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Statement by U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC:

Fifty-seven years ago, Fidel Castro betrayed the democratic aspirations of the Cuban people and installed a totalitarian dictatorship. His passing serves as a historic opportunity to bring closure to the extraordinary suffering and repression his regime has caused. The Cuban people deserve nothing less than the same freedoms and representative democracy as the other nations of this Western Hemisphere. It's time to close the tragic chapter of the Castros and, consequently, of dictatorships in the Americas.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration, the incoming Trump Administration and the U.S. Congress should make it unequivocally clear that -- regardless of the Cuban dictator's first and last name -- codified sanctions will only be lifted upon the release of all political prisoners; the recognition and respect of fundamental human, civil and political rights as prescribed by international covenants; and the legalization of opposition parties and an independent media.